Albireo Astronomy Toolbox & Donation


Albireo is an astronomy software which addresses astronomical rookies and interested laypersons.

A simple astronomical knowledge is sufficient to work with Albireo. If possible, the program does without complicated astronomical terms and phrases.
Nevertheless, Albireo embraces a huge repertoire of functions and visialisations in order to explore the starry sky. With the naked eye or with a telescope.

Albireo is free to use without any program restrictions. But you can make the author happy if you decide to donate a little amount.

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Albireo Astronomy Toolbox is an easy-to-use software for hobby astronomer. It is also suitable for education courses and astronomy-beginners.

Albireo Astronomy Toolbox contains various practical functions to prepare and document your trip through the starry sky. The set of functions embraces:

– a digital stellar map with a lot of filter and viewing options including horizontal views
visualisiation of our solar system containing all planets, dwarf planets numerous asteroids and comets
– Intersection of a selected star to visualise the fusion zones of the core
– Position of a selected star within the Hertzsprung-Russell-Diagram
– 8-week-traces of planets, asteroids and comets in the sky

Telescope mounting & alignment support
– north calibration and manual telescope alignment to an astronomical object

table views of astronomical objects of the integrated astronomical database
– share your own astronomical pictures with any object of the database
– date of rise, set and culmination of sun and moon
opposition data of all outer planets of our solar system
– calculation of telescope parameters based on aperture, focal length and eyepiece type
Conversion calculations for angle values
– Conversion calculation for km, AU, Lightyear und Parsec
– Calculation for digital image processing: Pixel and angle values of an astronomical object taken with digital SLR camera sensors

The Albireo Astronomy Toolbox is donationware. This means you can download & use the program without any license costs.

The author of this program suggests a small donation. E.g. for 5 € or a multiple thereof –
This will help to develop and publish the software in the future.