Albireo Astronomoy Toolbox 0.9.9 is an astronomy software for desktop PCs and Windows Tablets. It visualises the starry sky in real-time and provides detailed information of thousands of astronomical objects.

Albireo Astronomy Toolbox is Freeware. The usage is for free! The software is designed mainly for educational purposes and renounces resource-consuming animations.



Albireo is more than a yet-another-digital stellar map.

It contains comprehensive information about stars, galaxies, cluster, nebula, planets, asteroids and comets. Based on the data Albireo provides you can prepare in detail your astronomical sessions for the next starry night.
Albireo provides sun & moon rise, set and culmination time, planet’s opposition and conjunction. Futhermore a special module enables non-goto telescopes alignment to any specific object.

Additionally, Albireo enables the valuation of your telescope, based on its focal length, aperture und eypiece-types.

New feature since version 0.9.7 is the solar system view which displays orbits and positions of our planets, dwarf planets and a lot of asteroids and comets.

About the author

The developer of the Albireo Astronomy Toolbox, named Frank Szemkus, is owner of the company GotoZero Engineering. In addition to software development he teaches in courses focusing IT/Computer and Astronomy for adult education.
He owns an diploma in Physics, studied in CAU Kiel, Germany, and is experienced in Mathematical Physics / Astrophysics / Geophyiscs. Main focus was in computer simulations of celestial bodies.

Stellar Map

Sternenhimmel im Januar 2018 - Albireo V.0.9.6

Main module of the Albireo Astronomy Toolbox is a full-featured stellar sky map with a lot of visualisation and configuration options.

Albireo contains an integrated astronomical Database with more than 22.000 stars and the most famous deep sky and solar system objects

  • 450 Galaxies, some of them with integrated images
  • 500 Quasars
  • 240 Galactical Nebula, some of them with integrated images
  • 130 Planetary Nebula, some of them with integrated images
  • 750 Open Clusters, some of them with integrated images
  • 135 Globular Clusters, some of them with integrated images
  • Double- und Multi-Star-Systems
  • Planeten: Merkury, Venus,  Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptun
  • Dwarf Planets: Ceres und Pluto
  • Asteroids and Comets

Planets, Asteroids and Comets can also be displayed in the so-called Solar System View of Albireo V.0.9.7 and newer

Albireo 0.9.7
Albireo 0.9.7: Integrated Solar System View

Based on the database you can also perform database requestes wich are visualised in real-time data sheets with a lot of attributes.

Integration of your library of astronomical images

Any object of the astronomsica database can be joined with an image taken from the user. So you will get your own astro image library located in Albireo

Sun and Moon

Albireo 0.9.6: Sonne und Mond

Albireo is able to compute rise and set times and culmination time of Sun and Moon and its phases which are integrated in the stellar sky map

Support for small telescopes without GoTo

Manuelle Teleskopausrichtung mit Albireo 0.9.6

Albireo Astronomy Toolbox allows the manual adjustment of a telescope to a selected astronomical object:
Albireo calculates Hour Angle, Azimuth and Latitude of an astronomical object. These data are used to adjust the telescope to any object manually – without GoTo functionality.

Object Search

The integrated object search is able to identify & highlight any object in the stellar map which is stored in the Albireo Astronomy Database.

The Albireo Astronomy Toolbox 0.9.x is Freeware without any license fee. It is executable on MS-Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Now it’s your turn. Have fun with Albireo!