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1 Mio Stars
360.000 Galaxies
plus 1600 DeepSky-Objekts
Planets, Asteroids, Meteor Shower and Comets

Free Astronomy Software ALBIREO – in operation for astronomical adult education for 10 years!

Albireo Astronomy Toolbox is made for in astronomical education. It reflects the multidisciplinary character of Astronomy. Special features s are the integrated star map and the estimation of telecope properties and its alignment to astronomical objects in the starry sky.

The SpaceLab module enables simple astronomical value conversions as well as complex calculations needed for e.g. astrophotography.

Detailed astronomical examinations can be done by data sheet calculations. This enables the filtering of special objects with special properties of the integrated astronomy database.

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System Requirements

Supported Operating SystemsMS Windows 8, 8.1, 10
RAM Minimum2 GB – Minimum, 4+ GB – Recommended
Disk Space recommended500+ MB
Monitor Resolution Minimum1024 x 768+
System Requirements

Feature Matrix

SupportEmail, Twitch, Discord
User Manual (PDF)yes
Full Featured Starmap
# Stars1.000.000
# Galaxies372.000
# Other DSOs1.700
Rendered Milkywayyes
Seasonal Horizonsyes
Horizon Editoryes
Pole Precession Pathyes
Observation Location Switchingyes
Size Visualisation & Comparisonyes
Star Structure & Physicsyes
HR Diagram Locationyes
Starmap Commentsyes
Messier Object Images yes
Meteor Showeryes
Observation Recommendationsyes
Comprehensive Starmap Zoomyes
Solar System
Planets, Asteroids, Cometsyes
Interactive Solar System Viewyes
Positions of biggest moons of Jupiter & Saturnyes
Time series biggest of moons Jupiter & Saturnyes
Telescope Adminstration
Kochab Alignment Supportyes
Star Targeting Supportyes
Telescope Evaluationyes
Astrophotography support
Extensible Camera Databaseyes
Nyquist Criteria Evaluationyes
Exposure Strategy Supportyes
S/N ratio calculationyes
Astro Database Search & Filtersyes
Extra Messier Database Sheetyes
Sun & Moon Timetableyes
Sun & Lunar Eclipse Sheetyes
Distance & Angle conversionyes
User’s Photo Integrationyes
Feature overview sheet